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Whittle Consulting

Whittle Consulting

Whittle Consulting is a group of highly experienced industry specialists, who are passionate about adding value to mining businesses. Since 1999, Whittle Consulting has conducted over 150 Whittle Enterprise Optimisation studies around the world, repeatedly demonstrating the comprehensive application of Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning & concepts from the highly regarded Money Mining Seminar, improving the economics of a mining project or operation by 15% and in many cases substantially more.

With technical expertise in a range of disciplines including geology, mining engineering, metallurgy, research, mathematics, computing, finance, operational/financial modelling and analysis, Whittle Consulting has a thorough appreciation of practical, organisational and contextual reality. As experts in embracing & harnessing complexity, Whittle Consulting is not bound by traditional thinking. By challenging existing paradigms & conventional wisdom, the real potential of a mining business is revealed.

Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning is a concept of long-term planning which considers:

•All parts of the value chain–from the mineral resource to the market.

•All periods–a decision of what to mine and process in one period affects the options for the other periods.

•All stakeholders–shareholders are interested in financial returns in the form of cash flow and capital growth. However, the interests of employees, local communities, the government & the environment must be considered to earn an enduring licence to operate.

A decision made at any point in the system potentially affects the optimal decision for other parts of the system. The key is to optimise all decisions simultaneously. This calls for cross-functional collaboration across all parts of the organisation–rather than a traditional silo approach (i.e. geology, mining, processing, logistics, marketing/commercial, finance and HR). This requires the application of the Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning philosophy & methodologies, combined with sophisticated optimisation technology. Only Whittle Consulting has this unique combination combining our expertise with the power of our proprietary software Prober E, the most advanced optimisation software available for the mining industry. With over 30 years of development, Prober E is a multi-thread, cloud-enabled, nonlinear, multi variable, simultaneous optimiser with the power to resolve the largest & most complex Enterprise Optimisation mining models.

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