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Vayeron is an OEM company supplying the roller manufacturing industry. Vayeron's innovative breakthrough technology on offer is the Smart-Idler. A Wireless, internal to the roller condition monitoring sensor device. Expressions of interest from conveyor roller manufacturers are welcome!

The Smart-Idler is a wireless, low-cost, energy harvesting, consumable condition monitoring sensor device for use inside conveyor rollers/idlers. The product senses key signs that are characteristic of roller failure, including acoustic signals, vibration, and temperature. The product wirelessly transmits the sensed data 'back-to-base' for roller condition reporting so that intelligent, pre-emptive rather than reactive maintenance decisions can be made. Conveyor roller associated down-time arises either as a direct result of damage to the conveyor belt caused by unexpected catastrophic idler failure, or from pre-empting the damage that a detected failing roller can cause, with either case requiring unplanned shutdown. Primary end-users of the technology will be iron ore operations, coal operations, mineral port facilities, large non-ferrous miners and any other high value, high capacity/volume bulk materials conveyor operators.

The Smart-Idler solves a large headache for conveyor operators - The tracking/monitoring and reporting of the condition of thousands of rollers in a conveyor system. This can be a costly exercise which relies on human interaction with the conveyor system ("walking the line"), and is therefore prone to human error. Consequences of missing a failure can be extremely high, however the systems for detecting them are still antiquated. The Smart-Idler technology is designed to be applicable to all large scale mining or bulk handling operations, however it will be particularly useful to Iron Ore, where conveyors regularly run at rates of 10,000 tonnes per hour (pushing the limit of capacity), and underground coal mines where statutory requirements mean that temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius are unacceptable. Through Smart-Idler It is now possible for conveyor roller condition monitoring to be a completely automated process.

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