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Techenomics Australia

Techenomics Australia

Techenomics Australia prides itself in providing affordable and timely oil analysis.

Oil analysis should be an essential part of any maintenance program as it helps to predict failures before they have a chance to occur. With our extensive analysis we provide you with a report detailing problem areas and what should be done to prevent the failure of your equipment.

Companies should have their oils analysed as it is a known fact that when there is a problem with machinery almost 80 to 90% of the time, the oil carries details and early warning signs of potential problems or failures.

Techenomics Australia has also recently branched out into selling Nano Tungsten di Sulphide lubricating oil additives. Nano oil Additives helps maximise the life and performance of lubricants and greases thereby complementing the total fluid management services offered by Techenomics.

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