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Mining Solutions

Improve productivity, reduce life-cycle cost and drive efficiency in your business!

Tailored Service Solutions

Tailored Service Solutions

Realise Success by restoring SERVICE into Mining Services!

• Win and retain Customers for Life

• Focused program Execution

• Grow you ROI and future proof your business

Mining Services in Australia is tough. Challenging Clients; ever changing priorities; client with multiple opinions; high regulation; and many examples of simple tasks made much too complex! Strong brands and excellent service are no longer enough.

No matter the terrific opportunity to work with the Mining Industry, Mining services is littered with disappointment! There are many examples of great technology and innovative service offerings that get lost in a mire of delays, under-resourced, high stress, fluid work scopes, cost blow outs, or worst of all the wrong market size assumptions, and the market we thought was there is no longer!

We work with growing Service Businesses, to deliver low stress, managed cost and on time Growth Programs.


With the breadth of experience, we are capable in working to support clients at both a strategic (planning) level and tactical to support the client to implement.

There is no “one size fits all” solution here, so we need to understand your business drivers and direction

- 1 FREE hour “second opinion” to review strategy and general approach to the new growth Initiative

- 1-2 day detailed assessment of the business, the market and the growth Project

- On going participation with the business to confirm strategy and plans, project manage the activity, consider stakeholder feedback and make adjustments

Tailored Service Solutions work with business leaders to avoid the delays, cost and stress that can arise from the implementation of Growth Projects. New products, new customers, new technology and general innovation.

While all solutions are client specific, Tailored Service Solutions has frameworks to support any successful Growth Program, that addresses –

- Knowledge of the general market and specific clients to set correct assessment of market size and potential

- Correct Value proposition to identify a clear commercial purpose, that supports a valid business case

- Business Partnership assessment

- Validation steps/process, clear definition of success and on site project management

- Key account management

With a combination of real world experience with each of these elements, and a clear framework for problem definition and execution, Tailored Service Solutions can deliver a winnable solution

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