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We improve your equipment reliability through the analysis of your oil sample reports and develop actionable maintenance tasks that are loaded directly into your CMMS based on all relevant data, not just the 'critical' or 'abnormal' evaluations. Save time, money and improve the condition of your equipment.

From our experience we estimate that on average, 80% of data generated from oil sample reports are not fully utilised.

It raises questions as to what to do with all of that data from oil sample reports that contains the full story of the condition and health of your equipment. It’s no secret that many equipment owners and maintainers will respond to ‘critical’ and ‘abnormal’ lab evaluations first, as they resolve short term issues and prevent immediate failures. This leaves the ‘normal’ evaluations that potentially hold a lot more information that can be used to increase reliability and prevent unexpected downtime in the future.

Relialytics address this challenge with the ‘Equipment Condition Supervisor’ (ECS). The application has been developed with algorithms working within an extensive database containing over 20 years of data interpretation and past actions. ECS instantaneously reviews your oil sample reports and develops a list of recommended actions based on experience, precedents, and data matching. These actions can be uploaded into your CMMS for your review and approval. From there it becomes part of your maintenance workflow where you are utilising all of the relevant data. The outcome is increased planned work and reduced downtime and greater reliability in the short and long term.

If you feel your site could be getting more value from your reports, get in touch and we’ll help you improve your reliability and condition monitoring.

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