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Reedbed Technology

Reedbed Technology

Reedbed Technology specialise in passive natural treatment technologies for water treatment, wastewater treatment and sludge treatment such as reedbeds and constructed wetlands.

The benefits of our systems are:

- low OPEX

- low energy (in some cases no energy)

- low maintenance,

- use natural processes to treat water to a quality suitable for reuse or disposal

- ideally suited to remote locations and mining camps

- use no chemicals

- produce no odour

- simple to construct

- extremely simple to operate requiring no specialist training or engineering skills

- long lifespan (20-40 years)

- resilient to large changes in wastefeed (both quality and quantity)

As the plants and media do most of the work, the mechanical equipment used in our system consists of valves and pumps (easily maintained and replaced where necessary with spares kept onsite). Our systems are fully automated allowing remote monitoring and operation.

We have developed our treatment processes specifically for Australian conditions, using native plants and media to treat a range of wastewater including:

- domestic sewage

- industrial wastewater and

- mining wastewater and produce water.

Our domestic sewage system treats sludge and wastewater in the one system reducing the need for alternative sludge treatment or disposal. Macerated raw sewage is fed directly to our first stage reedbeds and the solids are dried in-situ (removal required once per ten years but solids content is high, around 50-60% dry solids, and easily composted). The remaining stages treat the water to remove BOD, and nutrients (N and P) as required to meet reuse or disposal requirements.

We have developed processes for treatment of sludge (solids) produced from water or wastewater treatment or other industrial or mining processes which include drying and mineralisation of organic contamination. Dry solids concentrations of 50-60% w/w or greater are easily achievable and possibly higher depending on the climate.

We have also developed systems suitable for groundwater remediation and treatment of mining wastewater for treatment of organic contaminants and nutrients such as ammonia. Our systems can be used for treatment of petroleum contamination such as in produce water and treatment of chlorinated organics.

We are quite active in terms of R&D and are extremely good at problem solving so happy to work with you to look at other water based issues you may be having - we like a challenge.

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