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Pinssar developed the world’s first continuous real-time diesel particulate monitoring (DPM) system helping companies provide safer, healthier work environments where diesel machinery operates and hazardous particulate levels are present.

It was when diesel engine exhaust was declared carcinogenic by the World Health Organisation in 2012 that Pinssar founder, Francois Velge set out to develop an ultra-low maintenance DPM monitor capable of measuring emissions in the critical sub-800 nanometre particle range, where DPM exists. This innovation addresses the challenge that the construction industry has previously faced, where DPM has historically been under-monitored and not real time, with air samples requiring off-site laboratory analysis.

The Pinssar solution supports the recommendations released in British Standard BS 61:64 including “real-time monitoring of DPM using light scattering technology” and “Continuous real time monitoring”. Francois is pleased that companies can now purposefully collect data about the conditions in which workers are exposed, allowing decisions to be made and DPM controls to be put in place to improve the wellbeing of workers. He is pleased to be a member of CIRIA alongside many proactive companies in the construction sector who are equally passionate about improving worker safety. He believes the message about the importance of monitoring to measure DPM can be spread throughout the OZMETs Hub network. For more information about Pinssar, visit

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