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Phibion Pty Ltd

Phibion Pty Ltd

Phibion Pty Ltd provides process engineering solutions to civil engineering problems. Originally established as a tailings management consulting service under the company name of ‘Residue Solutions’ Phibion has developed a new tailings management process called Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation (AMC) or more commonly known as ‘Mud Farming’.

AMC was developed due to increased environmental constraints and reduced operational margins in the mining industry along with imported high cost flocculation and filtration technology alternatives. To fully implement AMC, Phibion has developed advanced in-situ dewatering machines, called MudMasters®.

Established in the Australian alumina industry, AMC and the MudMaster®, have been applied to a range commodities and dredged materials in Australia and worldwide. We offer our clients low cost ‘Dewatering as a Service’ (DaaS) to reduce business and environmental risk through the application of AMC using our uniquely designed equipment.

The MudMaster® is a customised Archimedes Screw Tractor dedicated to the Mud Farming® process. These machines are designed, engineered, fabricated in Brisbane, Australia. Through innovative design, the MudMaster® can be customised to the specific properties of the materials requiring dewatering. This ensures maximum operational efficiency and dewatering effectiveness is achieved under all conditions, delivering a safe, cost-effective and scalable solution.

AMC is a process where a slurry is deposited in controlled layers in a dam and repeatedly ploughed, using the MudMaster®, to disturb the hindered settling of the profile and liberate entrained liquids. These liquids are released and drain to a designated collection point for recycling. The correct application of AMC dewaters slurries to a high density and strength, reducing the volume, and recovering water. The process can reduce the footprint and volume of materials by up to 50%, reducing capital costs, closure costs and environmental impacts across the mining industry, along with port development for land reclamation.

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