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Parzam is a B2B (Business-to-business) multi-channel ecosystem dedicated to connecting mining equipment suppliers to consumers. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Brisbane Australia, Parzam brings together over 120 years of expertise from the mining, construction and finance sectors. It aims to facilitate efficient value creation and exchange for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) and mining houses, via a secure, reliable and efficient online platform that brings together a multitude of partners to create the world’s largest selection of mining trade equipment and machinery parts.

For the companies like BHP Billiton or Rio Tinto (equipment users or consumers) or Seeley International Pty. Ltd, Mineral Technologies or thousands of other SMEs (equipment manufacturers or producers) there is no centralised online/digital marketplace similar to eBay or Amazon. This has mean high procurement costs and longer lead times for equipment users and cash flow and logistic challenges for equipment manufacturers as they struggle to reach their target market.

Parzam aims to revolutionise the relationship between mining equipment and parts suppliers and consumers through its online platform is an easy plug-and-pay infrastructure that facilitates trade and communication around the clock. The platform provides a safe, transparent and reliable environment that allows participants to co-create and exchange value with each other online.

Parzam leverages warehouses and inventory, distributed across an ecosystem of partner merchants, to provide an efficient and timely service to consumers. Parzam will use data combined with predictive analytics to help partner merchants to match their distributed inventory with demand. By facilitating the timely sale of inventory owned by its partner merchants Parzam aims to provide access to the largest selection of mining machinery parts in Australia.

Parzam performs specific roles:

1. Provides an open, participative, easy plug-and-play infrastructure for producers and consumers to plug into and interact with each other through multi-directional flow of value between different participants.

2. Orchestrates value-exchanging interactions in this ecosystem using data about various platform participants.

3. Curates participation on the platform and govern the social and economic interactions. Ensure secure transactions and a safe environment through escrow and credit card payment services.

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