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Novecom are leaders in environmental monitoring systems for the mining, manufacturing, transport, construction and defence sectors. Novecom specialises in transforming complex problems and data into straightforward, relevant and real time business solutions. Our proven and reliable approach to the acquisition, reporting and integration of environmental and business data provides you with the operational intelligence you need to take control of your business.

Novecom's monitoring solutions are all built upon the foundations of SentineX - its custom built, flexible, remote monitoring platform. Sentinex provides remote monitoring, data acquisition, alarms, diagnostics and powerful reporting from any fixed or mobile device for a wide range of applications.

Key applications include:

Sentinex Noise - a series of fixed and portable remote monitoring systems which continuously measure and analyse noise levels and direction, and record live audio.

Sentinex Air Quality - a series of fixed and portable systems to continuously monitor suspended particles and aerosols within the ambient environment, to help you manage air quality factors including dust, odour and dangerous gases.

Sentinex Weather - continuous monitoring and reporting of meteorological conditions either alone or integrated with other monitoring systems such as noise and air quality.

Sentinex Water - integration of SentineX with a wide range of sensors allows the continuous monitoring and reporting of various of water-related factors such as water quality, levels and flow rates.

Novecom's range of solutions is not limited to the above - its system integration specialists can work with you to assess, design and implement any monitoring system according to your needs.

Supporting its systems, Novecom provides cloud based data management and reporting solutions to ensure access to your valuable monitoring data is timely and readily portable. Novecom's products are backed by our maintenance management system. Systems are installed and maintained by our team of experienced technicians, who are all highly skilled in environmental technology, sensor and communication electronics.

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