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New H2O Resources Pty Ltd

New H2O Resources Pty Ltd

The mining industry as an essential industry for the Australian and many other resource rich economies. For the industry to still be sustainable, we see that it is essential for the industry to reconsider and re-evaluate how they use all their water resources.

New H2O have developed mobile water treatment plants that can be scaled in number and easily located to suit the mine’s needs and size. The filtration plants have a range of water qualities that they can treat to provide an Environment Authority approved discharge quality capability or be used to row feed or crops on suitable irrigated fields adjacent to the mines.

New H2O’s technology range offers not only a cost reduction to mines, but is also a revenue stream for mines to provide water for other industries and with the local rural community. The mobile plants rather than the larger fixed infrastructure we see at the moment, allow flexibility and also enable the plant to move with the needs of the mining operations waste water storage facilities. Other technology focuses on measuring the evaporation losses on this valuable resource and provide solutions to minimising evaporation losses that could be as high as 10-14% of total water stored.

Over the last 20 years, increased knowledge and concern around the climate change has generated a rise in activism for eco warriors. However, there is a solution for the mining industry and government to reduce their financial exposure and still provide a better business and community solution to a more efficient use of water.

Neglecting this issue will hurt government, businesses and communities as water becomes an increasingly valuable commodity. This has occurred in a several areas around the world. Note what happened in Capetown South Africa in 2018 when it almost ran out of water.

Environmental assurance bonds are costly, and New H2O Resources see water as a tradeable commodity that will drive new business and value opportunity for water use, agriculture and other ventures around old mining areas.

New H2O can provide a range of opportunities for the mining, agriculture and rural sectors. We have access to the latest technology that has ongoing development and high research commitment from international and local experts. We have people that know how each of these industries and how government work.

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