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Metallurgical Systems

Metallurgical Systems

Metallurgical Systems provides evolutionary plant information software that makes data useful. Each fully customised system ensures the transparency and auditability of your data, while increasing the power of this information through enhanced calculations and cutting-edge data visualisation.

Metallurgical Systems was founded in 2010 and is based in Sydney, Australia. Metallurgical Systems utilises cutting edge technology to deliver easy-to-use process plant information systems and software. This enables site engineers and managers to quickly and easily access measured and calculated plant data, enhancing decision making and thereby improving the operating efficiency of their plants. Our primary product, Metallurgical Intelligence, has been successfully deployed in a number of sites across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. What makes Metallurgical Intelligence unique? • Completely customised to your plant • Most innovative and comprehensive plant production software on the market • Clean, accurate, robust data storage • Fast, intuitive automated reporting • Uses calculated data to deliver highly detailed plant production information • Integrates with your legacy systems, software and processes.

Key Benefits of Metallurgical Intelligence Management • Meet governance and regulatory requirements through more accurate and transparent reporting • Facilitate open communication between head office and site • Access critical plant production data • More effectively track plant performance: identify and rectify any areas of inefficiency • Track utilisation, availability and efficiency at all levels, right down to individual equipment items • Eradicate undetected losses, improve overall plant performance, and save time and money Technical • Quickly and easily prepare reports, via a cloud- or site-based customised interface • Produce plant mass balance reports for any element or compound in your plant • Integrate seamlessly with your legacy systems, from plant historians to enterprise applications • Receive ongoing support from the team of metallurgists at Metallurgical Systems.

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