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Makuri Technology

Makuri Technology

Makuri Technology design, manufacture, and supply high-performance wear liners and parts for heavy-duty mining and process applications to the highest standards of safety and quality that provide significant benefits in both reduction of total costs and operational risks.

How We Do It

Successful minerals extraction and processing now, and increasingly in the future, will be determined by the best availability and utilization of assets.

As such, there’s a need to start looking beyond standard wear systems that just meet OEM specifications and move to the rapid adoption of innovative new designs and materials that deliver sustainable and measurable reductions in the Total Costs of Ownership. This has far-reaching implications well beyond the mine gate in terms of the sustainability of our industry.

We also pride ourselves on offering our knowledge up in the form of Handbooks on the challenges and solutions to everyday mining and processing activities and seek feedback to allow for the continuous development of such handbooks as an open industry resource.

What is important to us

Supplying innovative, high-performance and high value-adding products and services to the highest standards of safety, quality, and business ethics and providing, at no cost, an open industry knowledge base is not enough for us, we also take great pride in our developing CSR programs too.

We Guarantee our Work

A range of Guarantees are provided to ensure that not only are our products best in class, but also that maximum value is obtained which can be proven and measured by reductions in operating cost/tonne or /hour, or on a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) basis.

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