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InnovEco Australia

InnovEco Australia

InnovEco Australia has developed and patented two methods of metal extraction based on the continuous ion exchange (CIX) technology.

First method based on resin in pulp (RIP) process and designed for metal recovery from low grade ores, tailings, slag and wastes with high content of fine fractions.

Second method, named resin in moisturized mix (RIMM), represents new approach to ion exchange resin handling. The RIMM process combines leaching and sorption processes and provides significant improvements to the CIX process itself.

Both methods demonstrate higher recovery rates, lower consumption of water and chemicals and much lower environmental impact in comparison with traditional extraction technologies.

Major Applications

• metal extraction from low grade ores and ores with high content of fines

• reprocessing of tailings, slags and other metallurgical and industrial waste

• effective extraction of by-products

• recovering metals from old leaching pads, mine and process water

• improving technical and economic parameters of the existing smelters, refineries and hydrometallurgical plants by increasing metal extraction rate (by 10-20%), extracting by-products and removing impurities

• removing toxic and dangerous components from soil and industrial waste water

Metals of Interest

• copper(Cu), molybdenum(Mo), nickel(Ni), cobalt(Co), vanadium(V), tungsten(W)

• rare elements – i.e. germanium (Ge), niobium (Nd), tantalum (Ta)

• rare earth elements – i.e. scandium (Sc), cerium (Ce), yttrium (Y)

• precious metals – gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum group of elements

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