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Fuel Technology

Fuel Technology

Fuel Technology provide high quality, innovative products focusing on improving diesel quality and reducing operating costs. Our experienced team is committed to assisting mining companies with solutions to prevent or resolve fuel contamination issues, prevent equipment downtime/damage, improve site fuel efficiency and reduce adverse environmental impacts.

Fuel Technology are the sole distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand for the innovative DieselPure bulk storage filtration systems. With common rail systems operating at such high pressures and fine tolerances, filtration of the highest standard is no longer an option but a necessity. Regardless of fuel storage tank turnover, fine particulates and moisture in the diesel can build up, leading to gradual fuel system corrosion, premature equipment engine wear or severe problems with critical engine components.

DieselPure are driving fuel cleanliness to new levels by being able to remove what most filters can’t. Tested to industry standard SAE J1488_2010, they have been proven to remove contaminants down to sub-micron level and free water, while achieving a 100% efficiency rating in removing emulsified water.

We also provide a mobile diesel tank cleaning service. Our truck-mounted system removes fine particulates, free water and emulsified water. Tanks will be free of microbial growth on the walls and bottom, protecting fuel system components while preventing contamination and corrosion. While most aspects of any operation have a maintenance plan, diesel storage tanks are often neglected. An effective preventative maintenance program is far less expensive than equipment repairs and/or downtime.

Fuel Technology supply a combustion catalyst named FPC which has been scientifically proven to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and diesel particulates. FPC is not just an ordinary additive but a true catalyst that acts during the combustion phase to provide measurable savings, unlike many products which are simply detergents. FPC was subjected to a rigorous four year study at the University of Western Australia by world renowned Professor Dongke Zhang. Results proved a reduction in exhaust particulates by up to 39%, reduced greenhouse gas emissions up to 22% and a reduction in fuel consumption of 4.2%. Professor Zhang has stated that as these tests were conducted on an as-new engine under controlled conditions, greater savings can be seen in the field.

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