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Frontier Automation

Frontier Automation

Several mature products in mining, industrial, and commercial shipping applications already deployed and operational on large customer sites are available as ready-made offerings. The company is also capable to develop and has a successful track record in delivering complex customized solutions to new customer automation needs. We have fully fledged internally developed simulation environments / digital twins available for custom developments.

Our ultra-low maintenance sensor instrumentation is custom designed for deployment in harsh environments and provides high resolution three dimensional data independent of lighting conditions that eliminates the risk of detection errors typical for competing systems.

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Our flagship product 3DReclaim is tailor made for reclaimers in use in stockyards of iron ore, coal, and other mining or bulk material handling facilities. It uses our patented machine vision control system and has been proven in a range of customer installations to dramatically improve reclaimer performance in comparison to conventional PLC based methods. 3DReclaim actively scans stockpile volume ahead of the bucket wheel in real time to directly control the reclaim process with the world’s first truly volume based controller. The system optimizes face up and end of bench sequences and controls the slew turnaround to minimize unproductive air digging. It also prevents downtime through bogging events typical for conventional control operations.


3DPortGuard is our company’s solution for port operators looking to stay in control of a ship’s movements while approaching, departing, or mooring at a berth. As for all Frontier Automation control systems, it uses machine vision to automatically detect and track in real time shipping vessels within range of a berth by providing information on critical distances to mooring infrastructure, on vessel speed, and on vessel movement directions and orientations. This data is used by pilot or port operators to maintain control of a safe mooring or departure procedure or to establish root causes during incident investigations.

Our dedicated drift detection algorithm allows bulk material or any other loading terminals to ensure safe operation and to avoid very costly damages to loading or port infrastructure or through spills by facilitating automated alarms and shutdowns in case a vessel exceeds safe loading movement parameters or breaks its moorings.

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