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Ecosoft Water

Ecosoft Water

Mines are often located in extremely remote regions with little or no access to fresh surface water. As a result, mining operations are often limited to using ground water for everything from potable water for accommodation camps, through to flushing and down hole water systems used in drilling applications. Ground water typically has a very high mineral count. Calcium and other salts often precipitate out of the water causing fouling which leads to reduced pressure and flow and subsequent increased maintenance and/or equipment failure.

This highly mineralised water causes ongoing problems for asset owners across the mines processes and infrastructure. Traditionally lime scale build up is removed by either chemical or mechanical means. Ecosoft Water Conditioners provide the chemical and maintenance free solution to problems associated with hard water.

Typical applications where Ecosoft Water Conditioners can reduce system maintenance and increase equipment life cycle include: Blast Hole Drill Rigs, Jumbos, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Evaporative Coolers, Hot Water Systems, Accommodation, De-Watering, Commercial Kitchens, Ice Rooms etc

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