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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

The mining industry represents a large and growing segment of AWS customers. Examples include Operators such as Rio Tinto, Oz Minerals, and Barrick Gold, and METS leaders such as Siemens, Esri, OSIsoft, Trimble and Schneider Electric.

Operators are looking to predictive analytics to generate insight across operations and find further productivity gains that allow them to either mine more material, or to reduce the assets they need to maintain current mining levels.

We are focusing on the 5 key initiatives for the mining vertical:

1. Helping mining companies build integrated data platforms to provide a single view of operations, fusion between disparate datasets, data discovery and provide tools for analytics

2. Helping mining companies derive insight upstream in the value chain - a deeper understanding of the ore-body, intelligent drilling, fragmentation analysis and modelling stockpile value

3. A scalable platform for system-wide optimization and scenario planning, allowing Operators to perform discrete event simulation, Monte Carlo analysis and ‘what-if’ planning associated with major projects, operating model changes or daily operations

4. Accelerating connected and autonomous mining for Operators and reducing OEM dependence through the use of a common platform (from the edge to the cloud), modern AI engines and open data on advanced GPU instances, elastic infrastructure, and Amazon SageMaker for machine learning lifecycle management

5. Accelerate digital transformations by running SAP environments on AWS. AWS can help Operators move faster, operate more securely, and save substantial costs; all while benefiting from the scale and performance of SAP in the cloud.

Key benefits of AWS for mining use-cases are: a) Innovation: Harness the power of elastic cloud computing, big data, analytics, and machine learning to extract insights from data and bring unusual value to the enterprise, more timely decisions or plant optimizations, b) Speed and Agility: rapidly design, provision, and deploy new capability into highly functional and beneficial enterprise domains, and c) Economics: pay-as-you go, elastic and serverless computing models reduce the cost of running infrastructure and require minimum upfront investments.

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