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3D Data Guidance

3D Data Guidance


By making Management of rehabilitation strategic instead of reactive, 3D Data Guidance lowers the cost of rehabilitation earthworks whilst also improving construction accuracy.

Our services include:

Using proprietary software and processes to develop highly optimised rehabilitation landform designs that conform to your final landform requirements.

Using 3D software to mathematically simulate the movement of material in the office, before construction begins in the field. This enables budget costs, construction review and scheduling information to be created and evaluated before problems arise once the design has left the office.

Providing guidance tools to ensure designs are constructed as intended

Providing a management tool that enables review and monitoring of current operational production statistics. By reporting statistics on production rates, areas of good & bad production, areas & volume of re handle, and task ratios (pushing: ripping), operations the management will have a better grasp on how to fix poor efficiency areas inside the operation. In effect we help management make strategic decisions rather than reactive ones. If you can measure it you can manage it.

3D Data Guidance works closely with customers to design and implement solutions to suit their specific earthwork needs, including data control, preparation, equipment selection and efficient earthwork strategies.

Using smart design concepts in creating a Bulldozer Blade that increases the efficiency of the machine, while saving fuel and increasing production.

The services we provide can allow Mining Companies, Earthmoving Contractors and Reclamation Consultants to achieve better rehabilitation outcomes at lower costs.

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