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Clean Oil Services

Clean Oil Services

Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd commenced business in 1996 as an independent Oil Analysis Laboratory. Our laboratory services clients in many industries including mining, heavy industry, Oil &Gas, transport and power.

Many oil samples we test are taken from very large oil compartments, holding hundreds or thousands of litres of oil. We often recommended the common practice that oil be changed out and disposed of, because it was contaminated with wear metals, dust or water.

The huge cost of this waste, as well as the negative environmental impact made us look for alternate solutions and over time we designed a machine capable of removing contamination easily, economically and quickly, to extend oil life without having to shut productive machinery down.

Our first LUBEMASTER was patented in 2003 and we have continued to innovate and design for various applications.

Equipment and the maintenance and lubrication of equipment, is a major cost to industry. Our vision is to keep the oil in perfect condition while it is in service and remove the need of changing oil for a significantly extended period, or even at all. In today’s economic environment, there is no room for unnecessary costs and inefficient management of resources.

The cost of manufacturing in Australia is becoming prohibitive and many other industries including mining and power are looking to reduce their production costs. Just doubling the oil hours results in an immediate cost savings of 50% on new oil purchases.

Lubemaster oil cleaning units are unlike any other units currently available. The Lubemaster is based on centrifuge over a vacuum system, and cleans oil to cleaner than new oil specs without issues with blocked elements due to particles larger than the element pore size.

Our Lubemaster range includes:

• Lubemaster standard c/w 300L tank, air vacuum, 70 lpm centrifuge, fully mobile.

• Lubemaster Transformer model incorporates F/E filtration to remove acid from oil

• Lubemaster mill unit – suits crushing mills on mining sites

• Lubemaster Upright – easy to manoeuvre in small spaces

• Lubemaster EXD – certified for use in volatile environments

• Wastemaster –cleans large volumes of waste oil for re-use. Removes 100lt of water from 1000Lt oil in approx 4 hours.

• FlushMaster – For flushing turbines and compressors @ 1270lt per minute.

• Powermaster – services oil in large transformers @ 1200ltr per minute.

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