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Chrysos Corporation

Chrysos Corporation

Chrysos supplies fully-automated, self-contained analysis systems that provide rapid, true-bulk assays of large mineral samples. The unique Chrysos(TM) PhotonAssay technology uses high-energy X-rays to accurately determine ore grade, independent of chemical or physical form.

With sensitivity down to 0.03 parts-per-million, turn-around times of a few minutes and the ability to measure samples up to 0.5 kg with little or preparation, PhotonAssay is particularly designed for rapid analysis of gold in process monitoring and control applications. A suite of secondary elements, including copper and silver, can also be independently determined.

PhotonAssay is a non-destructive technique, meaning that samples can be retained for further testing if required. The method is chemistry-free, and completely does away with the need for hazardous reagents required by conventional analysis methods.

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