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Software Updates as Vital as Machinery Servicing
Austmine Limited
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Software Updates as Vital as Machinery Servicing

As the New Year begins, leading mining software solutions provider MICROMINE is reminding mining companies to update their software to avoid potential cyber security breaches, data loss, system integration issues and operational downtime in 2019.

The reminder comes on the back of MICROMINE’s release of new versions of Geobank and Micromine in 2018, which delivered a range of new productivity tools features and data security enhancements on both of the exploration and mine design and geological data management solutions.

“The start of a New Year sets the foundation for the year ahead, so it’s an important time to review business processes and ensure they’re working as efficiently and effectively as you need and want,” said MICROMINE Chief Technology Officer Ivan Zelina.

“Software updates are often overlooked as they are not as visible as other business processes, but the value of new software versions should not be underestimated in our current, highly digitalised mining environment.”

“Investing in software, but not upgrading it, is like buying a new car but never getting it serviced – you simply won’t get the best out of it.”

“Staying up-to-date with software releases allows users to reap the benefits of new features and enhancements, which in-turn increases business productivity and efficiencies.”

Potential risks and issues of not upgrading software includes:

  • Security – all software and saved files become vulnerable to hacking and cybercrimes over time. Leading developers like MICROMINE proactively identify and address security threats, holes and bugs in new software versions.
  • Compatibility – many different technology systems and platforms are used simultaneously, which means older versions of software can be slow or not configure properly when integrated with other, newer platforms. As new technology emerges it’s important that systems remain compatible. For example, Geobank Mobile integrates with the latest magnetic susceptibility devices, barcode readers, GPS, in-built and external cameras and more.
  • Inefficiency – new features and enhancements exist in updated software to make it easier to use, faster and more effective. MICROMINE invests significantly into continuous research and development to ensure clients enjoy intuitive, feature-rich functionality and interpretive capabilities with each upgrade.
  • Support – older software versions are often not supported as developers focus on improvements to enhance client outcomes. Users operating on outdated versions can waste time and energy on workarounds or lost time addressing issues.
  • People – By providing staff with the latest, innovative software tools, mining companies are more likely to attract and retain the best talent. It provides employees with the opportunity to learn and apply new techniques to problem solving whilst increasing their knowledge and skills.

To ensure clients can easily manage software upgrades, MICROMINE offers an annual licence program for Geobank and Micromine.

After paying a one-off annual fee, clients receive unlimited software upgrades and patches, complimentary new version training and participation in software beta programs and focus groups.

“Wherever you are in the world, you also have access to our extensive network of global service consultants via telephone or email,” Mr Zelina added.

“With 14 global locations and a multi-lingual team, MICROMINE is equipped to support you in your country and your language. We recognise all mining projects are different and our specialists are able to understand your project and provide a tailored support program to fit your requirements.”

For more information about MICROMINE’s software and annual licence renewal process please visit

About Micromine 2018:

Micromine is a comprehensive and easy to use exploration and mine design solution, which offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling. The latest version, Micromine 2018, comprises 10 modules. It is a scalable and flexible solution, that provides flexibility to choose functionality as it’s needed.

About Geobank 2018:

Geobank 2018 is the latest version of MICROMINE’s leading geological data management solution, which helps mining and exploration companies to maintain the quality, integrity and usability of essential data. Geobank 2018 includes a range of new features and enhancements aimed at improving the overall usability of the software, making it easier to protect a company’s most valuable asset – its data.

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