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Is ‘dirty’ data costing you time and your mine money?
Austmine Limited
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Is ‘dirty’ data costing you time and your mine money?

It’s time to clean up your act

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before …

You have a haphazard collection of reports sitting in front you that have to be systematically pieced together in order to create something useful. Often, they provide no more than a fragmented view of what’s actually going on.

It’s not only frustrating, it can cause irreparable damage to your business. 

A mining company’s ability to efficiently collect and analyse data is widely acknowledged as the key to its success.

But incredibly, in 2019 the widespread use of a variety of spreadsheets for reporting is still alive and kicking in our industry.

Streams of “unpasteurised” data are received every second of every operating day from scores of different sources.

Not all data is created equal.

Your data must be translated and cleansed.

Simply collecting or even aggregating data isn’t enough. The amount of data doesn’t matter – it’s what you do with the data that counts.

Decisions based on dirty data can strike a heavy blow to the inner workings of a mine – often costing valuable time and literally millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Dirty data can also have an adverse impact on thousands of people’s safety.

Therefore, it’s vital that the data you are using to generate essential reports is clean, trusted and validated.

In the 20 years Intov8 has been operating, we’ve prided ourselves on our unsurpassed number of integrations across dozens of source systems, invested thousands of hours in perfecting data collection, cleansing and building a data warehouse that is now in use by single mine sites and the biggest mining companies in the world.

One of the biggest mistakes we see being made time and time again is decision makers trusting source system data. Over our 20 years in the industry as insiders and now vendors we have never visited a mine site with source system data that delivers “clean” and “usable” data with 100% accuracy.

At the end of the day, the data you put in, is the data that comes out. Garbage in = Garbage out – and bad data can impact your entire organisation.

Building a single source of truth

Most miners realise that there is value in being able to collate all their source systems in to one single source of the truth from the people walking in the gate, the machines they interact with, the material they move, to putting that material on to the ship. Imagine a system that connects the entire mining operation – from the weather station to plant control, management and maintenance systems; all connected and providing actionable insights all along the value chain.

A set of data visualisations managed by decision makers that tell the whole story without the need for spreadsheets, compiled from a variety of signed off data points all working together to form one clear picture.

This is the dream.

How to identify a system that can add this value

The first step is to ensure all the data in your system speaks the same language and new source systems can be integrated utilising agile methodologies in less than a month.

The data is validated, signed off and dimensions added at each step.

The database is a robust, scalable, flexible, Enterprise grade Data Warehouse

The system must be equipped with remediation tools that can immediately identify incomplete and inaccurate data, providing directions on how to fix it.

The system was built by miners for miners to solve real world problems that only people that have worked at site can fully think through and solve.

Operators have instant access via mobile and desktop data visualisations of ALL site operations in real time from the centralised data warehouse.

Intov8’s Integrated Production Management software ticks all the boxes and more.

This revolutionary data management solution automates analysis of mining production management systems and ditches the time-consuming reliance on spreadsheets.

Corvus connects directly with your existing fleet and plant monitoring systems, bringing multiple sources of information together for powerful insights.

You’ll have visibility over the data being gathered and validated and the ability to export to other business systems and software using purpose-built, Intov8-certified data access tools.

By linking data to your business process, you’ll be able to make decisions for improvement quickly and accurately.

Need to know more?

You know that it’s not enough to just have a lot of data. You need to know how to measure it, sort it, and strategically utilise it.

Having a data strategy is vital to understanding your company, your customers, and fully uncovering your mines potential.

Remember, not all data is good data. The future depends on your ability to effectively gather and interpret information, so now is the best time to get started.

Changing “dirty” data to clean usable data should not be difficult, but it’s up to you – and it requires a strategy.

If you need some help to create that strategy, Intov8 can help.

For more information visit

or contact:


or call +61 7 3493 5777


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